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Basement renovation Cleveland OH

When you hire the professionals at Basement Remodeling Cleveland, you can be sure to get the basement flooring Cleveland that will make your home look great. We know that you are busy and don’t have time to take care of your flooring project. You also want the best for your family, which means a quality product and service. No matter what type of basement finishing project you need done, we can accommodate it all from hardwood floors to carpet installation.

Which type of flooring material do I need for my basement remodel project?

There are many different types of flooring materials to choose from, but the type you need will depend on what your basement remodel project is for. If the space doubles as a family room or entertainment center then carpet, hardwood and laminate floors would be good options. But if it’s going to double as storage space with limited foot traffic then tile may be a better option because they’re easier to maintain and clean.

Is it OK to put carpet in a basement?

Carpet can be great for basements because it’s softer on your feet and a lot easier to clean. They’re also less expensive than hardwood flooring, which is more susceptible to water damage as well as scratches from pets or children running around.

The downside of carpet in the basement though is that if you do have some sort of leak (like a pipe bursting) then they will soak up all of the moisture so there may not be any leftover after just one day – whereas, with wood floors, there would still be enough dry time before mold starts to form and grow. If you are really worried about leaks happening every once in a while, adding an extra layer under the carpet can help keep things like furniture from getting wet or damaged.

Different Types of Carpeting:

  • Wool carpet – more expensive than synthetic but lasts longer; less fluffy so may need padding underneath
  • Polyester carpet – very cheap and easy to clean, does not require any sort of pad under it
  • Cotton carpets – they are more expensive than polyester and less durable, but they have a nice feel to them

You may also want to consider the benefits of using area rugs in your basement. This is because it can provide protection for any basement flooring Cleveland that you decide on and help prevent accidents from happening with small children who might be playing down there. If you use an area rug though then make sure that its not too thick so that people will still be able to see what’s underneath it.

  • Wool Area Rugs – wool carpets are very good at moisture absorption which means these rugs won’t get ruined easily if something spills onto them or someone trips over them; as long as they stay clean they will look cleaner longer than most other types of carpets
  • Wool Area Rugs – wool is also a naturally fire-resistant material which means they can withstand high temperatures without catching on fire or melting; this comes in handy if you have pets that like to chew at things
  • Wool area rugs are very popular because of the benefits they offer. They’re more expensive than polyester but last longer and feel nicer, though not as durable. If you use an area rug then make sure it’s not too thick so people can still see what’s underneath it.
  • Wool Area Rugs – wool carpets are also very good at resisting odor which means this type of area rug will stand up to all the things our homes tend to pull in like pet smells and cigarette smoke; as long as you air out these rugs regularly then there shouldn’t be any lingering odors or stains
  • Wool Area Rugs -wool carpets typically come with a thick pile that’s more comfortable than other types but can make stairs treacherous because they’re so much easier to trip over. If you want one for your stairways, consider getting some non-slip pad underneath them first